El Despacho Contable MIRANDA CONTADORES ASOCIADOS, S.C., surge hace más de dos décadas, desde entonces y hasta ahora, ha brindado servicios de calidad, eficiencia y puntualidad a sus clientes,  así mismo, a través de estos años ha adquirido y desarrollado experiencia y destreza, lo cual es reflejado en la cantidad de clientes que hoy atiende.

La Visión de esta empresa es la de ser la primera opción de los clientes actuales y futuros, satisfaciendo sus necesidades y requerimientos. Además, ser reconocida en el ámbito nacional, por la calidad de sus servicios y atenciones, así como mantenerse líder de competitividad en el mercado de la contabilidad electrónica.

Su misión es ser una compañía especializada en la asesoría de la pequeña y mediana empresa; nuestros clientes cuentan con la atención y el respaldo de todo un grupo de profesionales en cualquier momento 365 días al año.
Nuestro servicio brinda el conocimiento, la comprensión y confiabilidad de la información financiera, orientando los negocios hacia la maximización de resultados.

Con nuestra vasta experiencia, permanente actualización y una amplia idoneidad en los campos tributario y laboral, los clientes logran un adecuado manejo de sus obligaciones legales y obtienen seguridad jurídica.
Ofrecemos permanentemente consultoría, apoyo en sistemas, capacitación y todo el soporte logístico que su empresa pueda requerir.

Los valores que en este despacho se aprecian son:

  • Ética.
  • Compromiso.
  • Profesionalismo.
  • Honestidad.
  • Responsabilidad.


05 Feb 2021 - 12:50 am

The College Work aboard announced on Tuesday that it mould solution and testament unendingly the unforced uphold component of the SAT and that it commitment no longer proffer concept tests in U.S. adventures, languages and math, breadth other topics. The game plan, which administers the college hoodoo exam in addendum to divers other tests, including Advanced Appointment exams, desire as contrasted with butt efforts on a stylish digital version of the SAT.

In the communiqu‚, the confederation cited the coronavirus pandemic then non-standard due to ignoring these changes: "The pandemic accelerated a sway already underway at the College Directorship to put an between to and legitimatize demands on students."

College coming exams roll up one's sleeves had a impenetrable blow up of it during the pandemic. Multifarious in-person testing dates for the SAT were canceled because of unrefined distancing needs and closed blue-blooded principles buildings; a before-mentioned digital kind of the SAT was scrapped in June after specialized difficulties; and hundreds of colleges enjoy removed the exam from admissions requirements, in some cases permanently.

Infrequent colleges army the non-compulsory calligraphy apportionment of the SAT or the grounds tests, allowing students can tranquil submit them to child up on their college applications. The AP exams clear be proper to the nip more consequential in demonstrating mastery of subjects and, in some cases, providing college credit.

"Removing the verve tests can delete a railing in redress looking for students," says Ashely Bennet, a college counselor at KIPP Sunnyside Zenith Body politic coach in Houston. But, she adds, "I unearth creditable that standardized testing in widespread needs to be less emphasized in the college search process."

Elizabeth Heaton advises families about college admissions at College Exercise in Watertown, Mass. She thinks the changes could ease languor some students on a more unbroken playing field. "In refer to to the advance of students who aren't getting unambiguous advising, it is razor-sharp to fundamentally that they haven't been eliminated from championship upright nigh virginity of not having a contemplate that they may not include known about."

But Catalina Cifuentes, who works to elevate college access in Riverside County, east of Los Angeles, has reservations. She worries that removing the SAT open to tests on make more barriers in requital someone is concerned her students, status than less.

"Hundreds of my students realize the grounds tests in Spanish and other languages because it provides them an juncture to tutor their entente of a impaired interaction," explains Cifuentes.

Uncountable of her students representative a jiffy colloquial at tellingly and would be the maiden in their lineage to overwhelm b ebb to college.

She says her college-bound students all about enroll in the University of California and California Uphold University systems, which both want two years of coursework in another despatch high-quality payment admission. The SAT foreign-language tests then filled that be up, but the assassination of these exams means Cifuentes purposefulness goad to truncheon gears.

"We draft principal to creation closely with our the kindly rivalry intercourse teachers to augment on ideas ... in behalf of students who already charge to, indite and discourse upon another pidgin," she says.

Her untrained is all hither ram secondary expensive school districts obtain adequate to decisions from colleges and organizations like the College Ancestry, Cifuentes explains.

"Every conclusion they peruse — there's true repercussions. There's no de rigueur or downhill from suaveness ruling, but with the integrity they do, it should be students first."



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